Are You in Control of Your Business?

Are you still running your business on pieces of paper that are scattered across your desk? Maybe you've organized your student and class lists in a spreadsheet, but you're struggling to keep the information up to date (and you really could benefit from financial reports to help you run your business and guide your future decisions).

You need Studioware!

You Teach, Studioware does the rest! Studioware is advanced software that tracks your students, staff, classes, invoices, payments, enrollment, waiting lists, schedules, financial transactions, attendance, and more. Studioware saves you time by letting your students and parents enroll in classes online and pay invoices electronically. This frees up your time to expand and grow your business.

Studioware helps you:

Return on Investment (ROI)

As a studio owner, your time is very valuable. Your time is easily worth significantly more than $24 an hour.

Consider the cost of the Premium Edition of Studioware....Only $24 a Month!

Studioware will save you time and resources: online enrollment, online invoice payments, dozens of reports, multiple user accounts, multiple locations, enrollment/waiting list tracking, class scheduling, student lists, and much more....Studioware will save you multiple hours every month.

Executive Dashboard:

The Executive Dashboard gives you a "snapshot picture" of your Business. The Executive Dashboard displays important announcements about Studioware Enhancements, it displays studio metrics such as the number of students, the number of active/inactive students, the number of classes, and the percentage of current classes that are at full capacity. The Executive Dashboard also displays information in charts and graphs, such as the monthly revenue for the last 12 months. Finally, the Executive Dashboard also shows you a list of outstanding invoices.

Students and Staff Overview

Studioware allows you to add an unlimited number of students, staff, and classes. With every student and staff member, you can add phone numbers, home and business addresses, email/website addresses, contacts, medical information, a picture of the student, and more. Every student created in Studioware automatically receives a financial account that tracks all of the student's financial transactions. Multiple students can be grouped together into a family account.

A unique feature of Studioware is the ability to create invoices and split the invoices among the student/family payees. For example, assume a student has 2 contacts named "mother" and "father". Each contact can have its own mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Contacts can be designated as "payees" and assigned a percentage. Back to our example, the "father" contact can be designated as a payee and responsible for 50% of invoices. Similarly, the "mother" contact can also be set payee and assigned 50% responsibility of invoices. Studioware will automatically generate invoices for each of the payees and email the invoices.

Classes and Schedules Overview

Studioware allows you to create an unlimited number of classes. Any class can be scheduled multiples times. For example, a class can be scheduled at different locations, at different dates/times, with different instructors. Classes can have multiple Tuition Items and each Tuition Item can have it's own payment schedule. For example, with Studioware you can create a class that has $300 tuition fee, where 20% of the tuition is due at the beginning of the month for the next 5 months. Studioware allows you to create multiple class discounts and/or multiple family discounts. Studioware does all the calculations for you and posts the transactions to the student's account; You simply enroll the student in a class and Studioware does the rest!

More Information from the Studioware Help Center:

Studioware also allows you to charge tuition based on the number of classes a student is enrolled in, or the number of hours of classes. This is called "Variable Class Tuition" in Studioware.

Accounting Overview

Studioware contains a comprehensive accounts receivable system. With the accounts receivable system within Studioware, you are able to precisely track how much money students owe, why they owe you money, when they owe you money, and payments you have received from the students/families/payees. Certain financial transactions are automatically added to the accounts when events occur in Studioware, such as a student enrolling or dropping a class. Studioware also allows you to add manual transactions to accounts simply by clicking on the "Add Transaction" button. You can filter your accounts too, for example, "Show me all student/family accounts that have a positive balance, but no payment in the last 60 days". You can apply manual transactions to multiple accounts, such as adding a late fee to all overdue accounts.

Studioware can also track your taxes. Studioware allows you to create global and local taxes (in case you have multiple locations with different tax rates). Studioware allows you to create goods taxes (sales tax), service taxes, or a goods and service tax (for example, VAT or Harmony taxes).

Invoices and Payments Overview

Studioware allows you to print/mail or email invoices to the payees. The financial transactions that are accumulated in the account are displayed on the invoices. With a click of a button, you can create an invoice for a single student, or create and email invoices for all students. Studioware tracks the status of every invoice so you know exactly what invoices are paid, and what invoices are outstanding. The outstanding invoice report conveniently lists all outstanding invoices and the student/family/payee phone numbers.

We are so glad to have found Studioware! Finally, cloud based software that not only is affordable, but also stands out with it's concise design and easy to use functionality. The customer service is incredible, they are very fast to find solutions and in my case even added a new feature to the software based on a recommendation. We are so thankful for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make my job so much easier managing our studio. Thanks for a great product!
Jonathan Chatham: