Students Help Topics:

Adding a Student We tried to make the process of adding a student as fast and simple as possible. There are only 3 required fields to add a new student: First Name, Last Name, and Student Status. The location of the student (for multi-location businesses) is a optional field. ...[Read More]
Categorizing Students with Student StatusWhenever you add a new student to Studioware, you must set the student's status.  By default, Studioware contains 2 student statuses: Active and Inactive.  However, you can add as many additional student statuses as you like....[Read More]
Changing the student's name and status Once a student has been created, they cannot be deleted. However, the status of a student can be changed. To change the status of a student, follow these instructions: ...[Read More]
Class Student AttendanceStudioware allows you to track student's attendance for each class.  To track the attendance for a class, follow these instructions:...[Read More]
Deleting a StudentStudioware allows you to delete students.  It's recommended that you set a student inactive instead of deleting a student, however, Studioware does provide the ability to remove a student....[Read More]
Enrolling a StudentTo enroll a student in a class, please follow these instructions:...[Read More]
Enrolling Multiple StudentTo enroll a students in a class, please follow these instructions:...[Read More]
Exporting Student DataStudioware allows you to export your student data to a Comma Separated Values file (csv file).  This is a text file that can easily be opened with Microsoft Excel....[Read More]
Laminating your Student Attendance CardsMost office supply stores sell laminators that you can use with your Student Attendance Cards....[Read More]
Punch CardsMany studios sell punch cards or class cards.  For example, assume your studio sells a 10 class punch card for $100.  The punch card allows the students to attend 10 classes.  This article describes how to create a punch card in Studioware, keep track of the classes attended, and the classes remaining....[Read More]
Searching for StudentsThere are 2 methods available to search for students:...[Read More]
Student and Family Contacts Studioware allows you to create contacts. If a given student is not in a family, then the contacts are said to be "Student Contacts". If a student is in a family and the family contains multiple students, then the contacts are shared across all family members and are called "Family Contacts". ...[Read More]
Student AttendanceStudioware allows you to keep track of your student attendance.  There are a number of different ways to record a student's attendance in a class:...[Read More]
Student Classes and Sessions 
Student Financial Account 
Student GridThe Student main menu displays a list of all students that have been created for your business...[Read More]
Student Grid Balance AmountThe balance amount that is displayed on the student grid can be changed to display:...[Read More]
Student Invoices 
Student Notes 
Student Status MaintenanceYou can quickly and easily add, edit and delete Student Statuses with Studioware.  In additional, you can move students from one status into another student status, or assign all enrolled students to student status....[Read More]
Student Summary