04. Executive Overview

The purpose of the Executive Overview is to give you a quick "snapshot" of the important information about your business and to give you helpful hints for getting started with Studioware.

Currently, the Executive Overview gives you the following information:

  • Getting Started

    The Getting Started section contains many useful links to help you accomplish many common tasks. All of the links that are in the Getting Started section are available from the full menus, however, they have been grouped together in this section for your convenience. Simply click on any of the links to perform the task. Notice that each of the tasks are further sub grouped into "Student", "Staff", "Classes" and "Help".

    Getting Started
  • Announcements

    The Announcements section allows us to communicate important announcements to you such as list of enhancements, important support information, surveys and polls. There are 2 types of announcements that will be displayed: 1) Public Announcements and 2) Private Announcements. The Public Announcements are messages that are displayed to all Studioware clients. The Private Announcements are only seen by you.


  • Studio Metrics

    The Studio Metrics section gives you a quick snapshot of some important statistical information. For example, Studio Metrics you tell you how many students (and active students) you have defined in Studioware.

    Studio Metrics
  • Notes:

    When you add a student note, you have the option to "post" the note on the executive dashboard. The executive dashboard will display these notes.