Video Tutorials Help Topics:

1. Signing up and Logging on to Studioware This video tuition shows you how to sign up and logon to Studioware. Click on the "Play" button to view this tutorial. ...[Read More]
2. Adding Custom Fields and Lists to StudiowareIn this video tutorial you will learn how to create a custom field and list and integrate the custom field into the Add Student page....[Read More]
3. Adding a Class to Studioware This video tutorial demonstrates how to create a class, set the tuition items, and payment schedules. ...[Read More]
4. Advanced Tuition Items and Payment Schedules This video tutorial demonstrates some of the advanced features of tuition items and payment schedules. ...[Read More]
5. Scheduling a Class in Studioware In this video tutorial, you will learn how to schedule a class (including generating the class dates). ...[Read More]
6. Adding, Browsing, and Searching for StudentsIn this Studioware Video tutorial, you will learn how to add, browse, and search for students. ...[Read More]
7. Enrolling Students in Classes In this Studioware Video Tutorial, you will learn 4 different ways to enroll students in classes. ...[Read More]
8. Student Accounting In this video tutorial, you will see an overview of the student accounting functionality in Studioware. ...[Read More]
9. Creating Student Invoices In this Studioware Video tutorial, you will learn to create a student invoice, print the invoice, and apply payments. ...[Read More]
How do I allow additional family members to be registered?The Online Registration pages can allow for additional family members to register.  Simply click on the "Allow additional family members" check box and decide if you want to additional family members to be displayed in a list, a pop-up window, or an accordian list:...[Read More]
Online ClassesWith Studioware, you can expose your classes to make them available for online enrollment.  By default, no classes are exposed for online enrollment.  You must select one or more classes (or all classes) for online enrollment....[Read More]