Bar Code Scanners

The barcodes on the student attendance cards (and invoices) are compatible with many barcode scanners.  Specifically, you will need a barcode scanner that will scan "3 of 9" barcodes, "2 of 5" barcodes, and "interleaved 2 of 5" barcodes.  These types of barcodes are categorized as "1D" (or one-dimensional) barcodes. 


When purchasing a barcode scanner, you need to make sure the barcode scanner is compatible with the barcodes listed above.  Many barcode scanners that you can purchase at office supply stores will state that they are compatible with all "1D barcodes". This is a good feature and means that the scanner will be able to scan any barcode that is produced in Studioware.

Finally, a barcode scanner works like a keyboard.  That is, you plug the barcode scanner into a USB port and scan the barcode.  The digits from the barcode will appear on your computer as if you typed them in on the keyboard.  For example, you could open Microsoft Word and then scan a barcode.  The barcode digits would appear in the Microsoft Word document.

Barcode scanners vary greatly in price.  We recommend spending at least $120 (USB) to get a high quality scanner.

Here are some barcode scanners that can be purchased online:




You may also want to check eBay and search for "USB Barcode Scanners".  There are many scanners that are available on eBay.